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Helawit's plea for her father: ask for him back


We were proud to support the campaign to free Andargachew Tsege on Tuesday, working with his fifteen year old daughter Helawit to make a new scratch play about his case.

Democracy Activist Andargachew was kidnapped in Yemen a year ago and illegally rendered to Ethiopia, where he is currently being held incommunicado and facing a death penalty that was imposed in absentia many years ago.

Helawit and five of her closest friends made the new play in just two days, working with ICT's Artistic Director Ned Glasier, and performed it to a packed theatre at Platform, who generously donated the space.

We are hoping to develop the show further later in the summer.

For more information on the campaign, click here.

Sign the petition to free Andargachew.


Andargachew Tsege: a new scratch play


For the last five years, Helawit (Holly) Hailemariam has been a member of Islington Community Theatre.  She's now sixteen years old and just finishing off her GCSEs.

Almost a year ago, her father - Andargachew Tsege, an Ethiopian democracy activist - was kidnapped while in Yemen, chained, hooded and illegally rendered to Ethiopia, where he faces a death sentence.

Although Andargachew is a British citizen, the UK Government has not asked Ethiopia for his release.  His case is being supported by Reprieve, a charity helping those who suffer human rights abuses abroad.

To mark the anniversary of his disappearance, Holly and four friends, also all 16 years old, are making a new scratch play about it in just two day with ICT's Artistic Director Ned Glasier.

The scratch play will take place at Platform on Tuesday 23rd June (Please note - not July as previously advertised) at 7pm.  

Tickets are free and available on the door on a first come, first served basis.  

Please join us to support the campaign to free Andargachew.

Find out more about the campaign.


Stressing Out: our film for word 2015

STRESS: Islington Community Theatre and Word Festival 2015 from Mattia Pagura on Vimeo.

We're very proud to be part of the brilliant Word 2015 Festival - a celebration of reading, writing and freedom of expression, with a particular focus this year on mental health.

Our work for Word 2015 has revolved around an exploration of stress in teenagers.  We've been working with director Miranda Cromwell and writer Francesca Beard through a series of 12 investigatory workshops with young people aged 11-19, a public sharing at Platform and a new film (above) by the film-maker Mattia Pagura.

Find out more about Word 2015.