About us
Islington Community Theatre was founded in October 2008 by Ned Glasier. 
At the heart of our work is the idea that we best serve the young people we work with, as both theatre-makers and people, through a long-term commitment that means many of our members will be part of our work for up to ten years.  
We select the young people we work with in collaboration with teachers and youth workers, to identify those who will most benefit from the opportunity to work with us - and who will thus, we think, make the most surprising, innovative and powerful theatre.

8 - 11 January 2015


About the company

Since 2008 Islington Community Theatre has worked with thousands of young people across Islington, providing them with opportunities that would otherwise simply not exist.

We create space for young people and the best theatre-makers to collaborate, explore and learn together through nationally acclaimed, innovative and free to access projects and productions.

We help our participants gain essential personal, social and vocational skills, understanding of the world around them and appreciation for the arts.  We have a unique recruitment process: working with teachers and youth workers to ensure that every participant is offered a place based on how much they will benefit.

Our work has a massive impact on the young people that we work with: building confidence and self-esteem and helping them develop relationships that transcend their normal cultural groups and postcodes.  We help our young people gain places in college, University and Drama School as well as jobs and apprenticeships.

Our young people say that being in ICT is like being part of a family. We have a ten year plan for all of our members and we care for them as individuals who have an important contribution to make to the company, to the arts and to society as a whole.


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We create innovative, exciting, original theatre by and with inspiring young people from one of London's most challenging, unequal and diverse boroughs.

We aim to create new work that surpasses what is commonly expected from 'young company' work by helping our young people build the skills they'll need to become collaborative, imaginative, brave theatre-makers.  We do that by creating a space in which young people and professional theatre-makers can collaborate with and learn from each other, explore ideas together and make high quality theatre from scratch together.
We only make original work and we only make work that can best be made by young people.  We commission leading and emerging writers to create new work in collaboration with young people.  In the last four years we have commissioned more than 30 new plays, long and short, by writers like Inua Ellams, Dawn King, Hattie Naylor, Alice Birch, Alexandra Wood and Janice Okoh.
We produce high quality productions in theatres across Islington.  We have performed at the National Theatre twice and at Soho Theatre and created a large scale site-specific piece with 80 young people in a 8000 square foot disused warehouse.
Our work has been featured in the Guardian and Time Out and on Channel 4's The Secret Millionaire.
Some of our members have started to make their way into the theatre industry, both through gaining places to study at places like RADA, Central School of Speech and Drama, ALRA and East 15, but also by taking the initiative to make their own work.
At any one time we work with up to 200 young people a week, including training groups of young writers and young production trainees (technical theatre). 

We were the runners up in the inaugural Spirit of London Awards, sponsored by the Damilola Taylor Trust.