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Be Careful What You Wish For

A new play created by 50 members of the Oracle Project
With Ola Ince, Emily Lim, Tina Ramdeen, Phoebe Burrows and Corey Peterson

2pm, Sunday 17 June 2012

Meet our quirky team of scientists - Katie, John, Diamond and Crystal. They have kindly invited you to a peculiar scientific presentation about time; listen carefully as they point you towards scientific enlightenment.  They’ll be sure to keep you entertained with a combination of informative and silly case studies .

These 10- 12 year old performers will dazzle you with  skill, imagination and the odd dance routine! Teaching you not to tamper with time, but instead to embrace it.

Created by

IAMS Oracle Project   Adesola Adeaga, Alex Callender, Cameron Oluyi, Celebrated Sorinolu-Bimpe, Edoma Cani, Eve Proctor, Georgia Irwin-Ryan, Hadi Abdul, Jordanne Molyneux, Kayne Parara, Ksanet Emanuel, Lamesha Ruddock, Layla Mostafa, Lisa Provan, Miriam Fleary, Samuel Kinsungu, Syntyche Mumbaya, Tania Kafuti, Turac Muezzinoglu, Zara Thurlby.

EGA Oracle Project  Abbey Allen, Abby Robinson, Aleyna Ilmisen, Clara Goundry, Diaz Gordon-Fisher, Elham Khadi, Kaliyah Flavius, Kristin Benson, Laila Sajir, Lucy Rogers, Raquel Da Silva, Samika Barclay, Serarina Willow-Edwards, Seren Huendalerd, Shyanna Holmes, Syntyche Tongomo, Taylor Ibrahim,  Yusra Mohammed


Ola Ince & Emily Lim

Assistant Directors    

Phoebe Burrows & Corey Peterson

Oracle Co-ordinator    

Tina Ramdeen