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Islington Community Theatre makes innovative, brave new theatre with and by young people from one of London's most diverse and challenging boroughs.

BRAINSTORM at National Theatre (21 - 25 July)

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Our acclaimed production of Brainstorm goes to the National Theatre. Click the image for more information.


Twenty four hours later


We've finished our seventh 24 hour play marathon at Platform.

In just a day and a night, we created three brand new plays involving more than 24 young people, nine playwrights from Goldsmiths University and professional directors Rich Weinberg, Lu Kemp and Elgiva Field.

The three new plays, Once Upon A Time, It's Not That Deep and Is It Because, explored themes of identity, significance, the universe and skittles sweets.  They were presented to an enthusiastic audience of more than 60 people at Platform.

See all the reaction by searching for #ICT24 on twitter.

See photos of the show on Facebook.



ICT's 24 Hour Plays

Every year around 25 of our members team up with a team of professional directors and other artists to create new plays in just 24 hours.  

Our 24 Hour Challenge this year will begin at 7pm on Friday, with the performance at 7pm on Saturday.  The new plays will be built out of text written by ICT young people and MA Writing for Performance students at Goldsmiths University.

None of the young performers, assistant directors or professional theatre-makers (Lu Kemp, Rich Weinman, Elgiva Field and Somalia Seaton) will see any of the material before they start the process.  They will work through the night (with just a few breaks for sleep and Haribo) to read, stage, rehearse and eventually perform the pieces.

The performances are public and free - come along to see how we fared at 7pm on Saturday at Platform.


ICT's 24 Hour Plays
Saturday 6 December, 7pm

Tickets free on the door


Christelle's New York Dream

Long-standing ICT member Christelle Belinga (seen her in The Centre) has been accepted by a prestigious New York Drama School and is desperately trying to raise money to pay for her fees and accomodation.

She is one of many ICT members who have progressed (or are about to progress) into a career as a professional theatre-maker and we're desperate to help her take her chance.

Please support her if you can.