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Islington Community Theatre makes innovative, brave new theatre with and by young people from one of London's most diverse and challenging boroughs.


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Young Associate Shows

Our Young Associates are coming to the end of their year-long programme of personal and artistic development with us.  Part of their programme has been the creation of their own performances and projects.

Earlier this week, Jen Fidai (above) produced an open workshop for her schools based project Pink and Blue, exploring gender identity and stereotypes.  

Pink and Blue by Jen Fidai
Sex is what’s between your legs. Gender is what’s in your head. Gender expression is how you present yourself. But what decides your gender and… what does your gender decide? Join Minecraft friends Daisy and Harvey as they get to grips with their gender and are faced with the all too common dilemma of expectation versus choice.


On Monday, Ilana Jacobi and Corey Peterson will present scratch performances of two new pieces they have been working on:


My First Vote by Ilana Yacobi
Do you know your flipper-flopper from your Hustings? Does the British political system fill you with bufuddlement and apathy? Who are politicians and what really is politics? Follow Ilanas journey to unfiddle the tangled headphones of the UK political scene and make sense of voting for the first time. An autobiographical piece that dunks more than a toe into a cold sea of political matter. 
Hold his heart by Corey Peterson 
Let a set of completely different people introduce themselves to you, let you know where they came from and show you who comes along when they stick together. Hold His Heart is an experimental play exploring what it means to be brave in any way possible; it attempts to make magic out of the truth and it delves into the sides and story of a person yet unseen. Beware: someone will lay their heart bare and you may be required to step into it.
The two shows take place at Platform on Monday 16 June at 8pm - tickets are free.





Chelsea's salt video

Chelsea Green, a fifteen year old member of both our IYT and Speakeasy groups, has written and produced this video based on her monologue, Salt.  


Hatching new plays

Our first stage of Chicken Shop has been completed following a rehearsed reading of the four new plays by Omar El-Khairy, Somalia Seaton, Ed Harris and Joseph Coelho infront of an audience of more than 40 people yesterday evening.

Fourteen young people spent two days getting to know and rehearse the first drafts, working with four trainee directors.

The four new plays went down a treat and will now be developed into second drafts for our production of Chicken Shop at Platform in July.




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