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Islington Community Theatre makes innovative, brave new theatre with and by young people from one of London's most diverse and challenging boroughs.

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Our acclaimed production of Brainstorm comes to the Park Theatre. Click the image for more information.


Astronauts nearly sold out

Astronauts has received rave reviews from its first night audience and tickets are selling out fast.

There are now only tickets available for Saturday matinee (2pm).  We will be operating a returns queue on Friday and Saturday nights - last night all returns were able to see the show, but we can't guarantee this on Friday/Saturday.


Astronauts ready to take off

Our new show Astronauts opens on Thursday evening.

Written by the multi-award winning playwright Alice Birch, the play is a response to the London Housing Crisis through the eyes of 17 young people aged 16-19.  It is about space, overcrowding and aspiration.

Tickets are selling out fast, but there is still availability for our two Saturday shows.

Click here to book tickets


Astronauts Tickets selling fast

Tickets for Astronauts are selling very fast, with both Thursday and Friday night's shows nearly sold out.

Our new play, by the multi award-winning playwright Alice Birch, whose play Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again opens at the RSC this weekend, is a provocative exploration of the housing crisis.  It has been created in collaboration with 20 16-19 year old ICT members.

This show will sell out - please book your tickets now.

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