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Islington Community Theatre makes innovative, brave new theatre with and by young people.


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21-25 July

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Brainstorm goes to the National Theatre. Click the image for more information.


New office

We have moved!  Five hours of carrying and a lot of stairs and lifts - and we're finally in our new office at Islington's Central Library.

Ned has blogged about the move away from the Pleasance Theatre.

As we start to settle in to the new space getting in touch with us might be a bit trickier than normal.  We're waiting on a proper internet connection and phoneline and are reliant on dongles and mobiles until 1 December.  This means we might be a bit slower getting back to any enquiries.

Our temporary phone number is 07724 715 490.


Moving on

Today is our last day in our current office in the office complex next to the Pleasance Theatre.  We're moving on after 2 and a half years here.

We'll be moving to a new office at Islington Central Library tomorrow and should be operational within the new office on Monday, although there may be a delay with phonelines for a short while.

We'll post our updated contact information here on Monday and Ned will be blogging on the move over the weekend.


Amazing Voices

Six of our theatre-makers have been involved in a new film today, working with BDA Creative.  The film, called Amazing Voices will be out in January.  We'll post more information about it when it comes out.