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Islington Community Theatre makes innovative, brave new theatre with and by young people.


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2/3 April

Director Training Course
17 - 19 June

Brainstorm (National Theatre)
21-25 July

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A provocative exploration of what it means to define who we are 
2 - 3 April  |  Buy tickets now


Blog section launched

For a long time now we've been committed to making sure we're communicating about our work in the most dynamic and diverse way possible.  One contribution to that is our new blogs section on this website - a chance to give a more in-depth and personal insight into our work.

Over the next few weeks we'll be growing the number of blogs from across the company, including by young people of all ages.

And of course we'll continue to use twitter, facebook, audioboo, youtube and vimeo (all of which will be incorporated within the blogs section as well as across the site).


Website update

We've refreshed our website by moving the pages around a bit, installing a new, more dynamic home page and adding an info area into each section.

We'd love to know what you think - please leave a comment at the bottom of this news item, tweet @ictheatre or send us an email.


New photos from Fifteen, Turning

We've posted photos from this weekend's extremely successful performance of Fifteen, Turning at the Space's Fifteen Festival.

Take a look at Daniel O'Keefe and Sophie Thomas here.