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Islington Community Theatre makes innovative, brave new theatre with and by young people from one of London's most diverse and challenging boroughs.


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Fifteen - time update

Please note that Fifteen starts at 7:30pm, not 7pm as advertised in some locations. 

Apologies for any misunderstanding.


Fifteen opens this week

Fifteen, our provocative, heart-breaking new play about being fifteen, created by fifteen 15-year olds, opens this week at the Rosemary Branch Theatre.

The play, a work-in-progress version of which launched the brand new multimillion pound Platform Arts venue on Friday night, has been created from real experiences of fifteen year olds around the world, shaped lovingly by the award-winning playwright Alexandra Wood.

The fifteen participants are all new to Islington Community Theatre's work and have spent 10 days working together in a professional theatre working environment to make the piece.  It's been a really steep learning curve and we're really excited about what they might achieve with us in the future.


Cosmos: One giant leap

Four Islington Community Theatre company members are performing this week in Cosmos: a aerial project created by Scarabeus and Company of Angels, along with Year 6 students from Hargrave Park School.

Daniel O'Keefe, who has been facilitating and will be performing the project, writes ...


For the past month or so, Ehireme Omoaka, Hauk Pattison, Sammy Amokrane and myself have been working with Scarabeus on their new project 'Cosmos'.

Cosmos is a promenade theatre and aerial performance which highlights the transition for young children from Primary to Secondary school, using space as a metaphor. The piece has been broken down into appropriate sections, from Training and Take-off to Alien Encounters, even including an Intergalactic Post Office and Supplies Store.

The audience is taken from room to room after having been divided into groups of humans and aliens. Each audience member is given the opportunity to purchase some Inergalactic Space Coins which they can use to buy things later on in the performance.

With beautifully choreographed aerial movement, eye catching set design and overall brilliant work from the children themselves, Cosmos is simply fantastic.