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Young Scientists' praise for new show

A wonderful group of girls from Highbury Fields School came along to the launch of Little Miracles at Imperial College London's Outreach Lab.

Their teacher, Devinda Guram, sent us this message:

Thank you for inviting our girls to Imperial College. They had a wondeful time and enjoyed the experience of visiting a real laboratory and watching the play. On the tube back home they talked non-stop about the issues arising from the play and these discussions will continue in their biology lesson. Meeting and talking with Lord Robert Winston was also a great highlight for them as well as the periodic table lockers outside the lab!!



Little Miracles Launches

Little Miracles, Joy Wilkinson's new play about young carers, dementia and stem cell research, launches today with a preview performance at St Mary Magdalene Academy and a special launch night show at Imperial College London.

The show, directed by Natalie Ibu, tells the story of Ayesha - whose mum is diagnosed with early onset dementia.  Determined to save her, Ayesha embarks on a mission to save her, sacrficing the best years of her life in a desperate bid to find a cure.

The show will tour schools and science labs in Islington and UK-wide from Wednesday.


Annual General Meeting 

Work in Progress member Sammy Amokrane, 17 (seen here in our Tangled festival last year), attended our Annual General Meeting yesterday.  This is his report.

It was time for the Annual General Meeting. Something noted on many calendars, but not something that many people are generally excited about. Islington Community Theatre however, has a knack for giving things a little more...life.     

 It kicked off relatively normally; snacks and drinks were served over the background music from songs we had used in our previous shows, however, when everyone was seated and the meeting got underway, things changed a little.  Instead of the typical shebang, In the middle of the company’s Artistic Director Ned Glasier’s opening speech, several members of ICT ran down the stairs (serenaded with the thunderbirds theme tune, of course) and tied him up. Effectively they took over the meeting and even voted amongst themselves which of them was going to make the announcements; Yaamin Chowdhury was selected and assumed his role as the real leader of the meeting while Ned watched from the side line.

They went on to talk about the Minutes and any matters arising from the previous general meetings. Shortly after, Amanda Sackur the company’s chair took over and started talking about the roles within the company and the management arrangements for the forth coming year. This included the arrival of Kirsten Burrows as our new General Manager, proposals to set up a new Executive sub-committee and also a young people’s committee and finally the proposal that there should be a set number of years that trustees and officers remain in post. This led to the voting part of the meeting.  We (well, the over 18s) were asked to re-elect existing trustees and also vote for new ones after they got to say a little about themselves and what they can bring to our company. It went very smoothly with every person voting unanimously.

When it came to the report on the work that we had produced in the last 12 months the ICT members took over once again. Creating a kind of highlight reel each of them held a poster from a show and took turns to read what it was about.

Then came the financial bit. The part where most people start to zone out... surprisingly went very well! It was kept very short and concise by the company’s Treasurer Ellie Haynes. She talked very shortly but informatively about the previous years (2009-2010) and the current year’s financial situation which was then rounded off with Kirsten Burrows our General Manager talking about the Budget for this year.

After all the struggling, Ned finally broke free from his entrapment and started casually talking about the Artistic Plan for 2011 and Spring 2012 despite still being wrapped in tape. He talked about a new project called “beginnings” and also about how Work In Progress, the 16-22 year old group, will develop and work throughout the year. He then went on to talk about a new supporters’ scheme called “Champions”.

It was rounded off with thanks from Ned on behalf of everyone involved in Islington Community Theatre and dates of our next AGM which will be held a little later than usual.

This year is shaping up to be quite an amazing one for ICT and to be part of it is such an amzing privilege.