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EGA Oracle is go

We're finally at full capacity this week, with the EGA Oracle, under the direction of Liz Hague and Tayo Oyeniyi, starting today.

It means that we're no working with over 150 young people representing over 30 schools, colleges and universities. 


IAMS Oracle returns

The Oracle Project at Islington Arts and Media School returned on Saturday, led by new Director Andre Pink and Facilitator Ella Macfadyen. 

The IAMS project is our longest running Oracle group and it's a largely new group of young people this term, with many of the old Oracle members have reached Year 8 and therefore no longer eligible to take part in the project.

We currently have four primary schools nominating Year 6 students for the project.  They are Duncombe, Poole's Park, Montem and St Marks Primary Schools.



A new role for a new future

Ned Glasier on the new addition to our staff team that we start recruiting for today.

I'm really delighted today to announce that we're recruiting for our first ever General Manager.

Since we started the company in October 2008, we've had an incredible journey and have grown faster than we could ever have imagined.  Throughout that time I've worked with scores of people - freelancers, volunteers, trustees and others - to build the company up to where it is now. 

At times, it's felt like I've been doing two or three jobs, often on part-time pay.  I've been an Artistic Director, a Youth Worker, a General Manager, a Secretary, a Cleaner and a Fundraiser - and more.  Some better than others.  It's the way of so many organisations like ours - and will be increasingly so as the Government's cuts start to bite.

So to be able to advertise today for a General Manager feels like a huge step forward, a chance for me to imagine a future for the company where I'm not always compromised by administrative day to day needs, where we know that there'll be a steady pair of hands in the office during the week.  A chance for us to develop our work, give it more impact and some much needed thinking time and start to really solidify some of the amazing relationships we've started to develop.

We're hoping that the General Manager will be in post by the end of January.  I can't wait.