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Islington Community Theatre makes innovative, brave new theatre with and by young people from one of London's most diverse and challenging boroughs.

BRAINSTORM at National Theatre (21 - 25 July)

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Our acclaimed production of Brainstorm goes to the National Theatre. Click the image for more information.


Beginnings plays #2: The Walthamstow Three

With Beginnings fast approaching, over the next few weeks we're featuring each of the five plays that have been written especially for the project.  Each preview is written by the director of the play, and accompanied by an audioboo clip from the young people taking part in it.

Our second installment comes from Alex Brown, who is directing Ben Musgrave's play The Walthamstow Three and the Cave of Ghosts.

Our play is about three friends from Walthamstow who find themselves caught up in mysterious goings on when they go on a trip to the seaside. Should they trust the ramblings of a drunken fisherman? Will they be able to reach the cave in their small dinghy boat? And just why are the locals so keen to keep them away?

In our process so far we have been building the world of the play – making choices about what has happened to each of the characters in the past and thinking about how this changes who they are when we meet them in the play. Using improvisation we have found out things we didn’t know about each of them, filling in details that will help make them more rounded and believable on stage.

‘Playing place’ is also an important part of our rehearsals. We will not be using lots of set of props so show the audience where we are, so it is up to the actors to use their bodies to communicate this to the audience.

Getting lines learnt will be the next important step to take – once the scripts are down we can really inject some energy into the play and bring out all the great little details that the actors have been discovering over the last few weeks.


Fifteen: meet the company


Here are the winners of the Islington Community Theatre/Rosemary Branch Theatre Young Theatre Innovators Awards 2011.

We've inaugurated the award as a way to reward those young people who have shown real theatre-making flair throughout the GCSE year.

Their reward is a 2 week project at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, leading to a brand new devised piece, Fifteen, directed by ICT's Artistic Director Ned Glasier and written with the award winning playwright Alexandra Wood.


July Newsletter

We've launched our latest newsletter - with news of some really eye-catching productions in July.

You can read it here.