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Islington Community Theatre makes innovative, brave new theatre with and by young people from one of London's most diverse and challenging boroughs.

BRAINSTORM (8-11 January)

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Our acclaimed production of Brainstorm comes to the Park Theatre. Click the image for more information.


July Newsletter

We've launched our latest newsletter - with news of some really eye-catching productions in July.

You can read it here.


Beginnings plays #1: Games

With Beginnings fast approaching, over the next few weeks we're featuring each of the five plays that have been written especially for the project.  Each preview is written by the director of the play, and accompanied by an audioboo clip from the young people taking part in it.

First up is Ola Ince (below), who is directing Sheila White's play Games.  Ola says:

Games by Sheila White tells the story of five reckless teenagers who are thrust into adulthood, when they lose a close friend after an adrenaline fuelled game.  We witness these young adults struggling to come to terms with the consequences of their actions, which will ultimately determine their futures.
After experiencing the negative side of a game will they stop playing them? Or will their games evolve into sinister status games?

Over the last three weeks we have got through three drafts of the play and seen intricate and intriguing characters emerge.  We have had an amazing time exploring status and trying to figure out exactly who the characters are. We’ve discovered secrets that we didn’t know existed and had revelations about the characters relationships before the incident.
Games is a difficult play for an actor to digest because it is emotionally rich and requires a detailed focus. However each week has offered us a new challenge and we’ve risen to them all; and we shall continue to do so.

Games Actor Yaamin Chowdhury reads the speech he wrote while researching the play:

Beginnings - Games Steven"s letter to Sean (mp3)

Read more about Beginnings.


Oracles perform Transform!


We're very proud of the representatives from each of our three Oracle Projects for the brilliant work they showed today for Transform!, our end of year celebration of all things Oracle at the Pleasance Theatre.

Oracle projects are for young people in years 6 and 7 and, as well as creating great theatre, help young people manage the often difficult transition to secondary school.

The three shows they produced today all included an element of transition and transformation: a group of girls creating their dream school, children abducted by aliens and a dentist who eats a magic fig that makes his dreams come true.

The pieces were vibrant, imaginative and really exciting - a fitting end to a really successful year for our youngest company members.

You can see photos from the showings here.