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Pleasance to host our Secret viewing

Our close friends the Pleasance Theatre are hosting us this evening for the long-awaited showing of our edition of The Secret Millionaire on Channel 4.

We've invited some of our young people, their friends and families and some other long-term supporters of the company to join us in the Pleasance main house, where Technical Manager Jack Jury has been busy putting up a big screen so we can all watch it together.

It means a huge amount to be able to watch the show with so many members of our company (or 'family' as it often feels).  It means even more to be able to do it at the Pleasance, where we are so warmly welcomed and supported.

The Pleasance features throughout the documentary (we presume - we haven't been allowed to see it yet), from the workshops that took place in their main house to the office from which we work every day (which we rent relatively cheaply from the Pleasance).  They've been great supporters of our work and we hope that the film reflects just how much they contribute.



Secret Millionaire - one week to go

After a very hectic Easter finishing up Frank & Ferdinand and getting reorganised ready for the new financial year, we're now preparing for our showing of The Secret Millionaire on Channel 4 next week (9pm, Tuesday 17 May).

We first met Lyn Cecil when she called us all innocently asking whether we needed volunteers.  Not a normal volunteer - the next call was from a Channel 4 researcher telling us that Lyn would be accompanied by a film crew and documentary director.  He told us it was for a show called Silver Surfers, a documentary about 65+ year olds getting more involved in community work.

Lyn stayed with us for a week or two and was a genuinely useful, friendly volunteer.  Nevermind that we had to do most things twice to allow for as many different camera angles as possible.  She was fun and bright and our young people liked her immediately - which is interesting given her professed fear of children.

You can see how it all turned out on Channel 4 next Tuesday (if you miss it it's on 4 On Demand afterwards).  We're excited about seeing it, if not a little apprehensive.


As you'll see, the money that Lyn donated to us has made a big difference to what we do so it's with some excitement that we're looking forward to the next part of our year.  Summer is always dominated by exams when you're working primarily with young people but we've come up with some really exciting projects that make the most of the way the next few months are structured.  They're all quite experimental, smaller-scale pieces and it's a great chance for us to explore some new ideas ahead of a full season announcement in September.

We'll be announcing all our activities for June and July in the next few days. 


The end of Frank & Ferdinand

So ... Frank & Ferdinand is finally at an end.  We've spent the weekend and today clearing out the huge Electric Space at The Studios Islington which we had transformed for our most ambitious project to date.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the show.  We've had some incredible feedback and feel really proud of what we achieved.

We'll have photos and video from the show on the website very soon.