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Islington Community Theatre makes innovative, brave new theatre with and by young people from one of London's most diverse and challenging boroughs.

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Hug a hoodie

Here's a brilliant photo of James Kempton, former leader of Islington Council and now one of our devoted trustees, at the It Snows Friends and Supporters night last week.

He'd just been coerced into buying an exclusive Islington Youth Theatre hoodie from Work in Progress member Hauk Pattison.  We think he looks very dashing.

All the trustees were incredibly helpful during the show - big thanks to all of them for their support.


"Gold Standard Youth Theatre"


We've received some brilliant feedback from two very important theatre people in Islington on It Snows, which has its final performances tonight and tomorrow.

Cleo Sylvestre and Cecilia Darker, joint Artistic Directors of the Rosemary Branch Theatre sent us this message:

"What an absolutely wonderful performance those magnificent young people gave of of It Snows.  We were dead impressed by the wonderfully imaginitive direction,  and the cast's ability to mix and master different acting styles and techniques so effectively.  Such talent, training and teamwork set a gold standard for Youth Theatre and we are so proud that this is all hand crafted in Islington by its finest young citizens."

There are two shows left - please join us for hot chocolate and one of the most heart-warming plays about being very cold you're ever likely to see.





Snow forecast for Thursday

With some weather forecasts actually predicting (real) snow for Thursday, we're now encsonsed in the Pleasance Theatre rehearsing and teching for It Snows, which opens on Thursday.

The young members of the Islington Youth Theatre company - over half of whom are taking part in their first full scale production with us - were on stage for the first time yesterday, getting used to their journeys through the play and navigating the Pleasance's long walk-around (the route from stage right to left).

It's quite a prop-heavy show, probably our busiest in this respect to date, and it's a big ask for a lot of our less experienced members.  However, they're putting their minds to the challenge and are excited about performing it to an audience for the first time on Thursday.  With three shows in a day (2 to school groups followed by our friends and supporters evening). it should get slicker and slicker.

You can get tickets for It Snows by clicking here.