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Minus Me

Three new plays about being together and alone
Created in just 24 hours 


 Being part of a crowd is being part of a system,

Everyone’s shouting out loud and nobody wanting to listen.   

How can I be comfortable if I’m labelled part of a group, 

With no independences and nothing that suits. 

 I’m within a box of stereotype, being prejudice is being professional, 

But how can I be as one if we’re all one dimensional.                                                                                    

In the dead of night, 25 young people will work with professional companies Lotos Collective, RETZ and Theatre Digital Sustain to devise three unique new plays exploring what it means to be together and alone.


The show is preceeded by a reading of dynamic new writing by members of Speakeasy, Islington Community Theatre’s collective of young playwrights.

Minus Me is conceived and produced by Islington Community Theatre’s first group of Young Associates, four young people aged 18 – 21 who we are training as theatre makers and producers.



6pm, Friday 21st December

Hornsey Road, London N7 7QT

Tickets sold on the door only (Pay What You Can)