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2011-12 Season

Islington Community Theatre exists to make brave, innovative theatre.

Our work throughout 2012 is inspired by the idea of time.  By what came before and what comes next.  By heritage, legacy and the thought that this year, this week, this second could define our lives forever.

Our work this year includes In All the Minutes Ever, a new piece created by 30 young people about time and memory, Before Now Next, an ambitious play created in just 25 hours, and What Will Survive of Us, five new short plays by five incredibly exciting emerging playwrights.

We're also working on a new full-length commission and various other projects - keep your eyes peeled here and on our mailing list for more information.

You might also want to check out our past productions or our production gallery.


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Original photo: Osvaldo Pieroni

ON TOUR: June 2011

What do you do when the person you love most starts to forget who you are?

Little Miracles by Joy Wilkinson is the second new play for young people that we've commissioned as part of our collaboration with The Biochemical Society.  It follows our hugely successful production of Hive 9 by Ali Taylor in 2009.

Ayesha was a miracle baby. Her mum Dina used IVF to make her from an implanted embryo. But as Ayesha grew up, Dina grew ill with dementia. Now Dina needs a miracle to save her.

Determined to find a cure for her mum's illness, Ayesha dedicates her life to stem cell research, experimenting on cells just like the one she grew up from.  Could they have been her brothers and sisters?  Or just bunches of cells?  Will her mum accept the cure?


Little Miracles is a companion piece to our first ever collaboration with the Biochemical Society, Hive 9 by Ali Taylor.


Little Miracles has been written and developed by the award winning playwright Joy Wilkinson following development workshops with members of our young companies and representatives from Islington Young Carers.

Like Hive 9, Little Miracles is a dynamic site-specific piece that plays in school, university and professional science labs.


TOURING: 6 - 19 June 2011

Worcestershire and other venues in South England



Lorna Gayle

Sheri-An Davis


Natalie Ibu

Charlie Damigos

Stage Manager
Sarah Stott

Kirsten Burrows

Script Development
Ned Glasier



Islington, Imperial College London, Wales, York, Glasgow

Elena Pavli

Caroline Lena Olsson