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A new partner in crime

I can't think of a more exciting time to join our organisation than the start of the new academic year, so it's going to be a really interesting process finding a new General Manager to cover our current GM, Kirsten Burrows' maternity leave.

We're really happy for Kirsten, from whom this will be her first child - the third ICT baby in 2 years after both Anne Tipton and Charlie Damigos brought beautiful little girls into the world.  Kirsten joined us because of funding from Channel 4's The Secret Millionaire - the wonderful Lyn Cecil donating an entire GM's salary (plus more) for a year.  The year and a half that Kirsten has been here has flown by and I now can't imagine how we could operate with just me leading the company, as it was before.

Putting together the job description for the new role has made me realise just how much has changed, even in that short time.  At that point we were much smaller, we had no Speakeasy group for young writers, no relationship with Platform or Park - the former a building site, the latter a mere dream for Jez Bond and his team.

Back then it was just me, loyally helped by interns and volunteers.

Now, the GM that we bring in to cover Kirsten's leave will instantly become a focal point of our organisation.  A key communicator between all the people we work with - our young theatre-makers, their parents, friends of the company, artists, staff, funders.  A dynamic partner in crime for me as we develop new projects and productions for the year ahead.

As well as leading on the way we manage our administration (we're still pretty efficient I think), the GM has a much more project-management and producing led role: taking the lead on our new project for young people aged 18-21 who are a bit stuck between school/college and the rest of their lives, helping us negotiate our way into our new home as the company in residence at Park Theatre, even supporting a major rebranding exercise that we hope to take on in the autumn.

It's a role that needs someone fired up and ambitious, able to see how this tiny grass roots company can punch well about its weight.  Someone who achieves great things through superb organisation and real vision.

I'm excited to meet them.


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