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Hi everyone!

I’m Phoebe, I’m seventeen years old and I’m assisting Dvora, our new director this term, with the EGA Oracle Project.

While everybody was arriving and settling down the girls had to tell a partner 3 things they did at different times during the day and what they might like to be in the future.   Then, after Ned had introduced Dvora and the new year sixes to the group, we played some name games and warm up exercises.

In new pairs they told a memory then one person took the job of the ‘sculptor’ and moved their partner into a position that replicated that memory. Once frozen in those positions the girls took it in turns to thought track.  The memories were great and ranged from a first nightmare, to a scary meeting with a gorilla at the zoo.

Back in their families they picked a memory they had seen and created a scene around it.

To finish the session off we discussed occasions when we felt time moved quickly and slowly and created movement pieces to show this.

Well done everyone and see you next week


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