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Hi I’m Corey. P.  I’m 16 years old and a member of Islington Community Theatre (who run the Oracle Project).  I’m also working as the Project Assistant for the IAMS Oracle.

SPLAT!!!!!!!!! Back on the scene with a bang!!! Yes, the IAMS Oracle family were on top this week as we sat with some rhyme, talked about time; we went through the script and 1things got a bit more strict.

One week to go from our exciting performance and things got moving. We were busy making all that we had even better; we got through the whole play, were tested on the lines and.... some of us.... got into pyjamas and partied..... yeah, I know.... the slackers.....But, to begin, we tested ideas, played the Old IAMS Oracle classic ‘SPLAT!’ for focus, energy and scary, ninja-like reactions. Remember it? Oh, and we tried putting our coats on and off, quite a few times. It was all so constructive, as you could imagine.

Well, I went to school, Ola to a sleepover and Tina to a science lab, so it was quite an interesting day. Having gotten through the whole play, we met up at the end to work on our transitions and staging for the big day, and I’m not only talking about Charlotte’s sleepover. She’s coming next week, Saturday at 13:30, to see the big performance at Platform and is “SO excited, VERY excited, SO excited”. Are you coming? Have you already got a ticket or are you getting one when you’re there? If you don’t come.... you’re wasting time and you’ve lost ‘All the minutes ever’ as IYT like to put it. So be there.... even if only to see me!

OOOOOOO.... Tina, being the busy woman she is, took some time after Ola’s profound directions for the performance, to set us straight: Tina reminded everyone of next week’s performance and all the other details. You know, for that said-to-be incredible performance at Platform Islington, at 13:30; don’t know if I’ve mentioned it. Finally, the family didn’t scare me with their incredible new skills and desire to fake a death; they all seemed excited and, in some cases, slightly scared themselves. I know!! A revelation! Oh but then they got interviewed and spoke: yep, as well as having someone “AS clever AS Einstein”, we have future “STARS” who have become obsessed with geek glasses and looking at themselves in the mirror. I think they’re a bit more confident. But the Oracle says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re going to be stars but save that star power for next week’s performance..... you SHOW-OFFS!!” Hey!!!.... All I can say is it’s not our fault that our family’s amazing, OK.....

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