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Oracle Project Postcards

Every week, our Oracle Projects in Finsbury Park and Angel write a short postcard about what they've been doing in their last session.  The postcards are mostly written by the young assistant directors from Work in Progress who help run the projects and sometimes they come direct from the participants themselves.



This week’s oracle was very enjoyable; we looked in to three different scenes from the beginning of our play ‘The Readathon Don’. We played games, such as, The Psychiatrist and WAH. 

The we were split in to three groups and were each given a title and a scenario to act out. One group had ‘Give it a go’, another, ‘Making up the story’, and the last had ‘Are You Sure?’. The ‘Give it a go’ group were asked to use as many ways as possible to get the ‘reluctant reader’ (who doesn’t want to read  for some reason yet to be determined) to read a book - They sing, they dance, they hypnotize her, they even “bring in the master” but still to no avail. This was a fun piece to work on! ‘Making up the Story’ was equally as exciting but in a different way. In this piece they made a lot of use of costume, multi-roles and narration to tell the beginning of ‘The Readerthon Don’,  It gave it a very magical feel. The final group, ‘Are You sure?’ , made a piece that involved many different types of story, we saw the characters fall in to ‘Harry Potter World’ and the ‘Readerthon Don’ becoming one of the main character which was pretty awesome!

All in all it was a great session, looking forward to next week!!




Hey EGA,

Last session was fun, fun, FUN. We played lots and lots of games. The session was silly as everyone became a chicken in 'rubber chicken'. In wizards, giants and goblins we fought against each other taking on the character as a whole group so that we could beat the other one- giants beat wizards, wizards best goblins and goblins beat giants. For this game everyone showed really good team working skills. Some of the girls then got picked to go out of the room whilst we changed something. Rashida was the best observer and noticed that Olga had gone from the room. Well done :) 

We then played 'Psychiatrist' where three people would go outside and the whole group would decide to take on a new character. The people outside would then come back in and through asking questions would try and guess who everyone was. And we played lots more. 

Everyone really got into the games and were creating new characters with our whole bodies and facial expressions. 

See you all next week. 

Angie :)



Hello lovely IAMs people,

Let me tell you what hath been happening in the latest oracle workshop!

This week was very productive. We played a few games, such as sheep and wolf (which proved hilarious).  We then began to develop some of the first scenes in the new play we are doing ‘The Readerthon Don’. One group focused on a scene called ‘the reluctant reader’ based on the story of a young boy who is upset and worried about the up and coming readerthon. Another focused on ‘The Readerthon Don’ and made a scene about the different worlds the readerthon don went in to, and the final group made a piece called ‘The Announcment’ about the readathon itself and the excitement it created. All piece were imaginative and exciting, I particularly like the use of a cape in one of the pieces as I felt it really helped to bring the story to life.

Looking forward to the first showing in March!



Hey EGA,

Hope you’re all doing fine. We had another great session this week. We started it by writing in the timeline and playing a warm up game led by David, the girls also wrote down two things they would like to improve upon this year as theatre makers/actors. We then went into an eXtreme!! game of Grandmother’s Footsteps. Where there we obstacles to be completed before being able to get to Grandmother, some included, wearing goggles; getting a chair from one side of the room to another; honking a horn and, lots more. We played the game twice and two different teams won, well done to Abigail for winning 10 points for One in a Million and for the members of Wolfgang for winning 10 points for their family. After this Ola read the ‘Avocado baby’, whilst everyone sat in a circle. We created a musical soundtrack to the story every time the word ‘Baby’ was said, we used instruments such as, whistles, a horn, metallic egg shakers and lots more. Everyone seemed to enjoy this task and making sounds with the instruments. From this task the girls were then split into four groups and were asked to pick a part of the story they would recreate, however, they had to have two people narrating the story. The girls then performed their pieces back to the group and the groups were assessed on clear storytelling and characterisation.

That is all for now, see you next week.




Hello to you all, and a very belated happy new year too! This week was a great start to the term.

We had a lot of fun experimenting with different types of story telling and learning about the show we are doing this year.

We met the new facilitor David who all the young people really seemed to like!
Ola read us the 'Acacado baby' and we had a lot of fun using instruments everytime she read the word 'baby' (which was a lot!!)
The young people were then split in to two groups and were asked to choose two sections from the story to re-create. There had to be at least 2 narrators in each piece and they were encouraged to use instruments in them. There were some very inventive pieces!!

Until next week.