Word 2012 Festival

We're proud to be part of Islington's Word 2012 Festival, a celebration of all things written and read across the borough (11-31 May).

Throughout the festival we're publishing a 100 word play a day online, each one written by a young member of our Speakeasy group.

We're also producing a curious flashmob gathering of young readers on Highbury Fields and a hybrid play-reading/hide and seek game in Islington Central Library.

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Current & Future Productions

2011-12 Season

Islington Community Theatre exists to make brave, innovative theatre.

Our work throughout 2012 is inspired by the idea of time.  By what came before and what comes next.  By heritage, legacy and the thought that this year, this week, this second could define our lives forever.

Our work this year includes In All the Minutes Ever, a new piece created by 30 young people about time and memory, Before Now Next, an ambitious play created in just 25 hours, and What Will Survive of Us, five new short plays by five incredibly exciting emerging playwrights.

We're also working on a new full-length commission and various other projects - keep your eyes peeled here and on our mailing list for more information.

You might also want to check out our past productions or our production gallery.


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written by Ned Glasier and the company | directed by Ned Glasier and Emily Lim | Film by Mattia Pagura 


Audience praise for Brainstorm


“Poignant, amazing, powerful, touching”

“I loved the honesty, the sharing, the energy of the performers, their confidence and joy”

“Thank you for your incredible bravery and your honesty"

“Remarkable performance, amazingly honest and well disciplined.  Touching, funny, yet true"

“One of the most powerful plays I have ever seen… every parent (and teenager) should see it”


 Opening A Window on Adolescence
(The Psychologist, May 2013)