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In October 2008, we were visited by a Channel 4 documentary team who said they were making a documentary about a newly retired secretary who wanted to explore volunteering in the local community.

Lyn Cecil spent a week working with us, folding and deliving fundraising leaflets, helping in rehearsals and talking to our young people.  We had a great time - the young people loved her being around.

Lyn was not, of course, a secretary, but rather the founder and CEO of Secretaries Plus, a multi-million pound business.  And she was undercover as part of Channel 4's The Secret Millionaire.  And she was so impressed with our work that she donated £27,000 to our projects - a crucial injection of funds at a very difficult time.

We're still regularly in touch with Lyn, who comes to our shows and continues to support our work by promoting us.  

You can watch the whole episode by clicking on the link on the right.

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