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Speakeasy Sounds

Every week our collective of young playwrights, Speakeasy, record scraps of scenes, free-writing and prose - the most intriguing, provocative or interesting moments from their weekly writing workshops.


Speakeasy visits the Saturday Night Project

On Saturday 23 February, ICT's Speakeasy writers invaded the Saturday Night Project at Islington's Sobell Lesiure Centre, to stage an 'intervention' in the form of a Storytelling Treasure Hunt.

Speakeasy members were stationed around the Sobell, each holding boxes numbered 1-8.  Inside the box were mysterious objects, including a bouquet or roses, a skull, and a roller skate.  Taken together these objects helped to tell an 8 part story that Speakeasy's writers had created.  Teams of SNP participants wandered the building, traveling from box to box and solving rhyming clues in order to complete the story and get to the end of the hunt.

It was quite a sight to see 80 young people running around the Sobell, pens and paper in hand, enthusiastically writing down their answers to the riddles and piecing together the parts of the dramatic narrative.  They were all motivated by the exciting prizes: every successful player was rewarded with a doughnut, and one team (picked at random) received a coveted voucher for dinner at Nando's!

A good, story-telling time was had by all; Saturday Night Project's organisers said it was one of the most successful visits ever from an outside organisation coming to their monthly event.  Speakeasy is now looking forward to finding new and unconventional ways to stage the excitement of reading and writing in unexpected places around Islington!

Brian Mullin, Speakeasy Director


Messing about on the Monkey Bars

We took Speakeasy to see Chris Goode's play Monkey Bars at the Unicorn Theatre. Here's what they had to say...


silence broken

Speakeasy Sounds has been a bit quiet for a while. We've busy generating new material for our next performance, a curtain raiser to Minus Me.

We've got a new group since we last made noise here, so we'd thought we'd let you listen in to some of their voices with two new Audioboos, from work which will be developed for the performance next month:






Speakeasy goes quiet...but not for long

No audioboo this week, so here's a photo from the last Speakeasy of term. Congratulations to the inaugral members of Speakeasy - huge achievements this year, with many mopre exciting plans in the pipework.


Mostly like blue

Each week we look at work by a professional playwright under commission to ICT. Here we get to grips with Inua Ellams' piece Mostly Like Blue.