Our Young Companies

Islington Youth Theatre were runners up at the Spirt of London Awards 2009

The bulk of Islington Community Theatre's work is created through our four young companies - comprising around 150 permanent members aged 10-19.

We also run ad hoc and bespoke projects according to local need, interest and in response to specific commissions and are developing a bespoke training and mentoring programme for young theatre-makers aged 19-25 who have previously been involved in our work.

All of our company members are offered their places on the basis of how much they'll benefit from being involved.  We work in collaboration with schools, colleges and other local agencies to reach people who would never normally become involved in theatre projects. 

It is really important to us that our companies are made up of young people from the widest possible backgrounds.


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Islington Community Theatre's playwrighting project - an underground collective of young writers bursting to be heard. 

A space where anything and everything can be said – even if you’ve never written a word.
A chance to speak your mind, to change the world; to imagine, listen and explore.

Every week, in a secret location, we meet to stimulate and support one another in creating new writing, scripts and ideas.  It’s a creative laboratory for Islington’s next generation of script writers.


Our Speakeasies - named after secret underground venues in 1920s America - are 2 hour long writing workshops exploring all kinds of writing: scripts, spoken word, rap, character, voice, free-writing and more.

Great script-writing isn't about having good handwriting, spelling or grammar - it's about unlocking your inner voice and finding exciting stories, characters and moments.  You might be someone who writes all the time, or has never written creatively before.  Speakeasy exists to help you discover your imagination, find your voice and create amazing writing.

Speakeasy is a weekly workshop taking place on Fridays from 5-7pm. Participants work with professional playwriting experts and visiting playwrights, as well as each other, to develop characters, scenes and short plays.

If you're interested in getting involved, email the Speakeasy team.



Speakeasy image is courtesy of Carlos Restrepo


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