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Tweets from our members, staff and associates.  And occaisonal bits of other stuff: media, ideas, images and inspirations.


Big thank you


To Mike and Katie from Islington Community Theatre on Vimeo.


Last week we made two new friends.  We haven't all met them yet, but Mike and Katie Armitage, who own a house and a studio barn in France, have invited ICT members to come and stay for a week for a workshop in August next year.

Not only that, but they also made a donation that will help us with a project we want to do in January.  Amazing!  This is a little thank you video from Aaron, Kered, Charon, Phoebe, Daniel, Angie and Corey.


Audioboo: Sinfonietta collaboration

Here's some music composed as part of our residency with the London Sinfonietta last week.  More to follow soon.

KX Collective Collaboration 1 (mp3)