Word 2012 Festival

We're proud to be part of Islington's Word 2012 Festival, a celebration of all things written and read across the borough (11-31 May).

Throughout the festival we're publishing a 100 word play a day online, each one written by a young member of our Speakeasy group.

We're also producing a curious flashmob gathering of young readers on Highbury Fields and a hybrid play-reading/hide and seek game in Islington Central Library.

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Word 2012: Wordsearch
26 May 2012, Central Library

Our Speakeasy project, supported by Islington Giving, is a collective of extraordinary young playwrights from across the borough.

For one night only, they took over Central Library in Islington and invited a public audience to come and play a unique game of new play hide and seek.

The audience collected their Word Search sheet at the door and wandered off in search of new plays, each being performed 'script-in-hand' in nooks and crannies all over the library.  Each audience member had to solve a crossword puzzle using clues in each play - with three lucky winners then drawn from a hat to win a Word Bird goodie bag including brand new plays donated by Oberon Books.

The Writers
Ana-Beatriz Segalotto, Corey Peterson, Erykah Edevbie, Georgina Buckle, Hafsa Haji, Iram Shah, Larissa Fonesca, Liz Ebengo, Martha Evans, Samia Amao, Shabina Alcther, Shakir McClean, Thomas Whitbread

Performed by
Aidan Robertson, Antione Bertin-Azille,  Kofi Odoom, Pia Richards Glockner, Sam Head, Sama Aunallah, Soumia Sabbar and the Speakeasy writers

Creative Team
Speakeasy Director        
Brian Mullin

Speakeasy Co-ordinator   
Guy Jones

Wordsearch Associate    
Ola Ince

Wordsearch Co-ordinator   
Lucy Deere

Thanks to Central Library, the Word 2012 Festival, Oberon Books, Pret a Manger and everyone else who has given us support.